Sundown at the Crossroads

2017. 13 min. B&W and Color.

At a diner off the road to hell, Lucky Lucifer sets his sights on a $5,000 bill.

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Poster by Alex Rivera

Poster by Alex Rivera

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"A portrait of Madison is a $5,000 bill.

It lay in front of me green and crisp on the table top. I had never even seen one before. Lots of people who work in banks haven't either. Very likely characters like Randy Starr and Mendy Menendez wear them for folding money. If you went to a bank and asked for one, they wouldn't have it. They'd have to get it for you from the Federal Reserve. It might take several days. There are only about a thousand of them in circulation in the whole U.S.A. Mine had a nice glow around it. It created a little private sunshine all its own."

Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye