The Ballad of Lucky Lucifer

A series of films about the American drag.

So your head's shot to hell and your heart is but rags. Well, not anymore. Come and sit at the tip of my boots. Hear the ballad of Lucky Lucifer. 

He spat on the sheriff and the river went dry, and then the closing of the store. The rumbling of the old holler's fair screams the ballad of Lucky Lucifer.

Hell's angel's angels ride on this road, it's not wide. There's only one way out of town. Hell's angels ride on while your tank is full and blind horses can follow you down.

He got to the highway and he looked like a sun spot. They mean issue straight to the core. And now when you hear the hum of the piston it's the ballad of Lucky Lucifer.

By Goshin (Max Abner)

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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