The Lake Mystery

2018. 16 min. B&W and Color.

Detective Frank Hubbard opens a missing person case that leads him back on the trail to Truman Priest.

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Poster by Alex Rivera

Poster by Alex Rivera

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Paintings by Harlan Hubbard


"A hundred feet down in the canyon a small coupe was smashed against the side of a huge granite boulder. It was almost upside down, leaning a little. There were three men down there. They had moved the car enough to lift something out.

Something that had been a man."

"His voice seemed to come to me from a long way off, over a hill, through a thick silent growth of trees."

"Doctors make many phone calls, talk to many people. Doctors look out their front windows, doctors frown, doctors show nervousness, doctors have things on their mind and show the strain. Doctors are just people, born to sorrow, fighting the long grim fight like the rest of us."

Chandler, The Lady in the Lake